2021 Ontario MTB OCup Adds a Mass Start on Saturday of OCup 2/3/4

We have waited a long time for a Mountain Bike OCUP event and finally the first MTBXC OCUP was held on July 25th at Hardwood Ski and Bike organized by Glenn Meeuwisse of Pulse Racing with over 300 people attending the Individual Start formatted race.  Along with a well-organized event and day of great racing, the Ontario Cycling Association also received feedback from participants in regards to the possibility of offering a mass start event.

We understand the value of a multiple person (mass start) XCO style event and that a number of members enjoy and want to see this format. After discussions with series organizers, it was determined that providing individuals a second racing opportunity on Saturday paired with the individual start OCUP race on the Sunday would provide our members with the additional race experience they are looking for. While the Sunday OCUP Series format will remain as the individual start format that was initially promoted and sold to individuals, we now have 6 total race opportunities moving forward. MTBXC OCUP race weekends will now be set as below

  • Friday – Pre-Ride
  • Saturday – Mass Start Event (Possible Pre Ride late afternoon)
  • Sunday – 2021 MTB OCup Individual Start Event

We understand this format will not be ideal for everyone and we do apologize for this. The goal of the Individual Start series was to not only meet the government requirements but also promote an opportunity for racing for all. The addition of the Mass start race opportunities allows organizers to be able to offer a second option for event participation, one that may appeal to only certain members. We are confident that members who can will try and participate in both days of racing and support the wonderful organizers putting on these fantastic racing options.

For more information of event details, tech guides and registration links visit OCA Events Calendar

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