2021 MTB Ontario Cup Individual Registration Open – Event Structure Update

The 2021 MTB OCup Series format has been developed based on expectations that current regional restrictions will allow public gathering numbers of up to 100 individuals per session at the time of the event. The Ontario Cycling Association, Pulse Racing, Superfly Racing and Angry Johnny Racing are taking every precaution by consulting local Public Health authorities.  For the latest updates and status of events, please be sure to check the OCA Events Calendar.

The 2021 MTB OCup Series will see some notable changes and will include the following:

  • Categories* will be open to participants with a 2021 UCI Race License or OCA issued Citizen Permit (must have a MTBXC code on it)
  • Events will be run under an Individual Rider Start Format (XCT)
  • Race Day will be broken out into 2- 3 sessions to reflect Government public gathering restrictions
  • Pre-Registration Only
    • There will be a maximum of 100 participant spots per race session, to a maximum of 400 available for each Ontario Cup event. (subject to Government restrictions)
    • Priority will be given to XC OCup Season Pass Holders first
  • No Individual Event Prizing/Podiums
  • Special Youth Introductory Race Category Added:

    An additional category has been added to this season’s MTB OCup races individual event registration that has been designed to cater to beginner MTB racers 8 and 9 years of age. The MTB OCup Series pass was offered to athletes ranging from 10-99 years of age, but organizers wanted to provide an introductory race experience for youth riders beginning their journey into MTB racing by providing a stepping stone to the Pee-Wee race category. The Intro to MTB (8-9) category is being offered at OCup’s #2, 3 and 4 which have courses that can cater to the recommended distance and challenge level as outlined in Cycling Canada’s adapted Long Term Athlete Development Plan. Our organizers are proud to include a race category specifically to cater to these beginner MTB racers giving them the opportunity to ride on a safe closed course tailored for them.

*View individual tech guides for pre-ride information and protocol’s


Series registration closed

Individual OCup event registration live: July 13th at Noon ET

Individual event registration closes: Monday before event @ Noon

Links to individual registration, tech guides and event information:

OCup #1 – July 25 – Pulse Racing @ Hardwood Ski and Bike : Events Calendar

OCup #2 – Aug 22 – Scary Fast Racing pb Cycle Solutions AJ’s @ Mountainview Ski Centre: Events Calendar

OCup #3 – Sept 5 – Superfly Racing @ Woodnewton: Events Calendar

OCup#4 – Sept 19 – Superfly Racing @ Albion Hills:  Events Calendar

OCA Refund Policy:

If the race or series is cancelled by the organizer or the Ontario Cycling Association a 100% refund including CCN fees will be issued.

If a participant withdraws from the race more than 14 days before, they are eligible for a full refund minus CCN fees.

If withdrawing between 7 and 14 days before a race, they are eligible for a 50% refund minus CCN fees.

There will be no refunds if participants need to withdraw within 7 days of the race taking place.


The Ontario Cycling Association and the event organizers are committed to creating a safe sporting environment for all participants, officials and spectators. With that in mind it is essential that all event participants agree and understand that participating in an event during a pandemic presents certain challenges that will require the community to overcome.  The current situation related to the global pandemic is very dynamic and requires us to be understanding the ongoing changes and challenges.  The rules, guidance and regulations change frequently and are subject to local interpretations that may at times be in conflict with each other. All parties are doing their best to interpret and apply how that relates to event scenarios.

What we are doing:

  • Detailed and flexible COVID Safety Plans
  • Dedicated on site COVID compliance coordinator
  • Additional sanitization, PPE and signage
  • Training for volunteers, staff and commissaires
  • Applying appropriate design principles to start, finish and stage areas to encourage safe participation

What we are asking of you:

  • Be flexible, understanding and patient
  • Self check – be healthy and follow the provincial health guidelines
  • Keep your distance when possible
  • Wash your hands !
  • Practise safe respiratory etiquette (sneezing, coughing, spitting)
  • Respect mask mandatory areas
  • Please follow all on site expectations

Tech Areas / Team Space 

Should teams be permitted to set up a team area, it is the sole responsibility of team leadership to create and maintain a safe space that is compliant with local regulation and expectations: The following expectations should be considered a minimum:

  • Set tents and structures to encourage maximum air flow (at least two full open sides)
  • Maintain social distancing
  • Masks should be warn when not racing, eating, or drinking
  • Clean and disinfect high touch surfaces (coolers, tools etc)
  • Avoid sharing equipment
  • Maintain a log of persons that are permitted in the team area