2019 Ontario Cycling Association Membership Registration – NOW OPEN!!!

Hello All,

Please note the 2019 Ontario Cycling Association Membership Registration is now open. If you are looking to get your Affiliate Club Membership, Citizen Permit, UCI Licence or just a General Membership to be able to have your say, please be sure to sign-up at the link below.

A few changes to note for 2019:

  1. Digital Memberships  – This year the OCA has gone to a more digital friendly membership card issuing format. As with Affiliate Club Memberships over the past number of years, starting this year ALL Citizen Permit’s will be issued electronically. Once the application is reviewed and approved by the OCA and set to issued, members will receive an email with their card attached as a PDF and can either print and show or download to a smartphone or tablet to show at events/club activities, etc. UCI Licences will also be issued as a default digital version, however members looking to obtain a print version can do so at an additional fee during the registration process (or after if they choose later in the season).
  2. Junior Road – Junior Road Athletes (Born 2001 or 2002) will notice this year that there is no Junior provincial category. Starting this season, Junior Road Athletes will be merged for Regional Races and Ontario Cups within the Elite field. Riders will be eligible for Elite 3 or Elite 4 (Men) status to start and can earn their way to higher categories through the road upgrade points system that will be finalized and posted in the new year. For Riders looking to upgrade to Elite 2 Men or Women to start the season, an upgrade request will need to be submitted and approved (form will be available starting in January)
  3. Junior Road Provincial Championships – Juniors will still race their correct Junior category at the Road Provincial Championship events as well as Nationally sanctioned events in the province.
  4. Access to Your Membership Card 24/7 – You can now access your card at any time. Printed it and lost it? Received a new phone or tablet for the holidays or birthday? Changed categories or clubs/teams for racing? Just login to your CCN Bikes account and visit My Memberships (https://ccnbikes.com/#!/mymemberships/) to download an updated version of your card once issued by the OCA.
  5. Cyclocross and Track Master Categories Start at 35 – Started last year in Cyclocross (and now continuing for Track), the Master category will only be eligible for riders who are 35 or older as per those racing calendars. If you have a Master Road/MTB licence and are racing cyclo-cross or Track, you will still be given a Master National and UCI Code however you will only be recognized as a Master for those events IF you are 35 years of age or older for that racing season.

A reminder that as it is early in the season, clubs and teams are still submitting their affiliation. If your club or team is not affiliated, you can still register for your membership and type in the club or team in the additional comments section. This way your licence application is submitted and once the club/team is affiliated, the licence will be processed. Also if you are looking to race in a category you were not automatically eligible to upgrade/downgrade to, please ensure you submit your upgrade/downgrade request.

Purchase Your 2019 Licence Here

If you have any questions during the season, please be sure to contact our office either by email or phone and we will do our best to assist you in a timely manner.