2019 MTB O-Cup Series Registration Details

The Ontario Cup MTB Series is one of Canada’s premier XC Mountain Bike racing series. Accommodating to a wide range of skill, the O-Cup series provides participants with challenging courses and viable competitive opportunities against riders of similar skill level from across the province. The O-Cup series will be a best of 5 series, which will take the participants’ top 5 finish points towards the final standings to determine the series champion.


The 2019 series will be comprised of 8 great events across Ontario:

Event Date Location Race Organizer
O-Cup #1 May 5th Woodnewton Superfly Racing & MultiSport Canada
O-Cup #2 May 26th Albion Hills Superfly Racing & MultiSport Canada
O-Cup #3 June 9th Kelso Conservation Area* Superfly Racing & MultiSport Canada
O-Cup #4 June 16th Port Hope* Superfly Racing & MultiSport Canada
O-Cup #5 July 14th Horseshoe Ontario Cup/Canada Cup Superfly Racing & MultiSport Canada
O-Cup #6 July 20th & 21st Canadian Championships/Ontario Cup – Hardwood Pulse Racing
O-Cup #7 August 11th Mountainview Angry Johnny’s Racing
O-Cup #8 September 8th Sir Sam’s – Provincial Championship Superfly Racing & MultiSport Canada
*Please note the date change of Kelso Conservation Area and Port Hope events, from previous released schedules.

O-Cup participants may register for single events or for the full series. Full series registration includes 5 Ontario Cup events, 1 Canada Cup, 1 Canadian National Championship, and 1 Provincial Championship. In addition to a savings of 8-10% by registering for the full series, our 2019 organizers will be providing full series riders with a gift and other goodies.

Full series registration opens Friday, February 8th, 2019 and closes on Wednesday, May 1st, 2019.


For up-to-date information on all MTB O-Cup Series events and standings throughout the season: CLICK HERE

2019 Ontario Cup Series Champions Prize Purse

Series winners will be tabulated based on the best of five (5) events, with prize monies being paid out at the last event of the season (i.e. Provincial Championship – Sir Sam’s). Below is the prize purse breakdown for Elite M/W and Junior Expert M/W.

Elite Men and Women
Place Prize Purse ($)
1st Place $750.00
2nd Place $600.00
3rd Place $450.00
4th Place $350.00
5th Place $200.00
Junior Expert Men and Women
Place Prize Purse ($)
1st Place $400.00
2nd Place $250.00
3rd Place $100.00


Anyone wanting to downgrade or upgrade without the pre-requisite points can apply for an upgrade to the OCA Upgrade/Downgrade Licensing Committee using the Forms below:

  • Adult Upgrade Request Form found HERE.
  • Youth Upgrade Request Form found HERE

NEW! Riders wising to upgrade categories must notify the OCA office in advance of the event they would like to be upgraded for. Please give sufficient time for the upgrade to be processed and reflected on the licence. NO upgrades will be accepted on the day of the event.

2019 Categories and Schedules:

Start Wave

9:00 AM
Citizen Boys (13-16 yrs), Citizen Boys (11-12 yrs), Squirt Boys (9-10 yrs), Citizen Girls (13-16 yrs), Citizen Girls (11-12 yrs), Squirt Girls (9-10 yrs)

10:00 AM
Cadet Sport Boys (15-16 yrs), Minime Sport Boys (13-14 yrs), Peewee Sport Boys (11-12 yrs), Master Sport Men (50-59 yrs), Master Men (60+ yrs), Cadet/Junior Sport Girls (15-18 yrs), Minine Girls (13-14 yrs), Peewee Girls (11-12 yrs), Senior Sport Women (19-34yrs), Master Sport Women (35-49 yrs), Master Sport Women 50+,

11:45 AM
Junior Sport Men (17-18 yrs), Senior Sport Men (19-29 yrs), Master Sport Men (30-39 yrs), Master Sport Men (40-49 yrs), Cadet Expert Women (15-16 yrs), Senior Expert Women (19-29 yrs),  Master Expert Women (30-39 yrs), Master Expert Women (40+ yrs), Master Expert 50+ Women

1:30 PM
Senior Elite Men (19-29 yrs), Junior Expert Men (17-18 yrs), Senior Elite Women (19-29 yrs), Junior Expert Women (17-18 yrs), Cadet Expert Men (15-16 yrs),  Senior Expert Men (19-29 yrs), , Master Expert Men (30-39 yrs), Master Expert Men (40-44 yrs), Master Expert Men (45-49 yrs), Master Expert Men (50-59 yrs)

NOTE: Start times for Canada Cup & Canadian Championships will be different than the standard O-Cup schedules.