2019 Cyclo-Cross New Changes & Tentative Schedule (UPDATE WITH YOUTH/JR UPGRADE POLICY)

The Ontario Cycling Association is pleased to announce the series of events that will make up the 2019 cyclo-cross preliminary schedule. This year’s schedule currently features 13 events including 1 Provincial Championship, 5 Ontario Cup events, 3 regional events, and 4 weekly series.

OCA members will see some changes this year, including the introduction of the youth ability system, non-member participation, and an introductory cyclo-cross clinic geared towards new rides interested in the sport of cyclo-cross.


Youth Ability System

Building off the success of the youth development road and track series, athletes 9 to 16 years of age can now self-seed based on their 2018 cyclo-cross results into four (4) ability categories (A, B, C, and D grade) at regional and Ontario Cup sanctioned events. A suggested seeding chart for U13, U15, and U17 athletes can be viewed on the OCA website. The goal of the youth ability system is to build the skill level of youth, preparing them for a life-long enjoyment within the sport. Parents are reminded that the focus of the youth ability system is on the development of their child, and that performances at races are not a reliable indicator of future international success, however it is a key stepping stone in building continued participation in the sport. Age-based categories will return at the Provincial Championship where a U13, U15, and U17 champion will be recognized.

Youth/Junior Upgrade Policy for Cyclo-cross Season

Any 2nd year U17 riders or 2nd year Juniors looking to upgrade for the Cyclo-cross series maybe have a coach consider submitting a request on their behalf. The upgrade policy and application form can be found below. Note all requests must be submitted NO LATER than 9am Monday the week of the first race the request is eligible for. Any requests after this time may not be reviewed until the following week.


Non-Member Participation

New to competition? Want to try out a race or support a local cyclo-cross event? Competition and non-competitive opportunities are available for members of all abilities and all types of licensed riders. Test yourself on a challenging course of varying ability levels within a weekly series, or regional event. New for 2019, event organizers now have the option to sell non-member permits (pre-registration only) during regional events and weekly series. Participants can purchase a combined three (3) non-member permits per year. After the third non-member permit, participants must purchase a citizen permit (if applicable) or UCI license. A reduced cyclo-cross only UCI license will be made available to OCA members in August prior to the start of the first cyclo-cross race.

Ontario Cyclo-Cross Skills Clinic with Adam Myerson

Looking to get better at cyclo-cross ahead of the 2019 cyclo-cross season? The OCA is excited to announce that a two (2) one-day skills clinics will be offered at Hardwood Ski & Bike on August 17 & 18, with US cyclo-cross champion and coach Adam Myerson, founder of Cycle-Smart. Cycle-Smart’s legendary cyclo-cross camps in Easthampton, MA have seen rave reviews from new riders, intermediates, and experts such as Ellen Noble, Stephen Hyde, and Michael van den Ham. For the first time, Adam will be sharing his best practices, strategies, and techniques, in Ontario. Regardless of your fitness and level of expertise, the clinic will leave you with improved skills, more stoke and faster ways to get around any cyclo-cross course. Each one-day clinic is limited to 15 participants per day, in order to maximize time for demonstrations, drills, and feedback. The same material will be offered on both days. For more information on the Ontario Cyclo-Cross Skills Clinic with Adam Myerson, visit the OCA Events Calendar.


2019 Cyclo-Cross Tentative Schedule

The 2019 cyclo-cross season will kick off mid to late September with regional events taking place on Saturdays and Ontario Cup series of events featured every Sunday. National events returning to the Ontario calendar this year include the Canadian Cyclo-cross Championship in Peterborough and Pan American Cyclo-Cross Championship in Midland. Both events will take place in November, closing out the 2019 cyclo-cross season.

Highlighted events for the 2019 cyclo-cross season include:

Please note the below schedule is preliminary and subject to change. Events will be added to the OCA events calendar upon confirmation and completion of the event sanctioning process by organizers. 

Provincial Championship

Provincial Championship events are open to citizen permits (where applicable) and UCI license holders. Riders must have a cyclo-cross code on their license and race in the age-based category as indicated by the National category code on their license. For a breakdown on category licenses please refer to the 2019 Cyclo-Cross Guidelines.

Provincial Champions will be recognized within each age category, and receive a provincial medal and jersey based on the N+1 policy.


Ontario Cup Series

Ontario Cup events are open to citizen permit and UCI license holders, with the top level categories reserved for UCI license holders only. For a breakdown on category licenses please refer to the  the 2019 Cyclo-Cross Guidelines.

Ontario Cup Series Points

Ontario Cup points are awarded to all categories, with the exception of youth ability categories. Only riders who purchase their racing membership through the OCA are eligible for Ontario Cup points. Riders who upgrade during the season will not carry their accumulated points into their upgraded category, and any Ontario Cup points earned will be retained in the category they are awarded within.

Ontario Cup series winners will be decided by season ending Ontario Cup series point totals by a simple tally of all points earned at Ontario Cup events for the current year. Should a tie occur at the end of the Ontario Cup series, the OCA tie breaking policy will be utilized to determine which rider is awarded the higher place in the standings. Series winners will be recognized following the last event of the series, on the OCA website and social media platforms as well as the OCA Cycling Celebration.


Regional Events

Regional events run with the same schedule as Ontario Cup events and are open to citizen permit and UCI license holders. Event organizers now have the option to sell non-member permits (pre-registration only) as a way to include new riders or those who want to try out a race or support a local event.


Weekly Series

Weekly series events run with the various ability categories and are open to citizen permit and UCI license holders. Event organizers now have the option to sell non-member permits (pre-registration only) as a way to include new riders or those who want to try out a race or support a local event.


Please note that the above schedule is tentative and subject to change. All event organizers are encouraged to complete the event permitting and sanctioning process by August 2, 2019. Event details will be updated on the OCA events calendar as this process is completed by each organizer for the above events. 

Not featured on the tentative schedule? Let us know about your event by contacting the OCA office at 416-855-1717 and submit your expression of interest today.